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Rock Your Book Marketing Self-Publishing Coaching Package

Rock Your Book Virtual Tours - Tell Your Story Rock Your Book, Brand and your Brilliance

Just published a book and want to get the word out

Are you looking to tell your story and monetize your platform?

Are your books collecting dust?

Want to learn how to sell more books?

Have you lost momentum in your author brand visibility?

Are you a co-author and need exposure?

Planning your book marketing campaign is as important as writing your book. Distribution is the first step in getting your book ready for book sales and marketing is what will drive your sales.

Our marketing consultants specialize in marketing for authors. As a new author, or even a veteran writer, having a professional book marketing expert work with you to coordinate your marketing plan is a must. Book marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For a busy author, the best way I’ve found to help keep my clients on course is to keep it simple.

Rock Your Book Virtual Tours will literally “put you on the map” and connect you with a wide range of new audiences. Tell Your Story Rock Your Book Slay Your Reader's Virtual Tours-Marketing Branding is one of the best ways to get your book noticed by potentially thousands of new readers! RYB Virtual Tours Branding/Promotions/Marketing staff will walk you through the process of embarking on a virtual tour for your book and or ministry. Providing, simple but yet effective strategies for getting your product and your message in front of thousands.

Give Birth To Your Book

During this Coaching you'll learn how to: (walk you thru the process)

Rock Your Book 3 month package is designed specifically for those that want to self-publish. This coaching is intended for aspiring authors, existing co-authors ready to publish their own work and existing authors who have a new project.

We will help you (Book Publishing) make smart decisions about your publishing and digital marketing strategy.

We teach you how to make the necessary decision that self-publishers have to make. From self-publishing a book: paper stock, book size, color options there are many decisions to be made.

We’ll also assist you to set up business accounts, obtain ISBNs, choose a distributor, and decide whether to go with print-on-demand (POD) or offset printing. To help you make these decisions, we offer consulting sessions to guide you along every step of your self-publishing journey.

Walk you thru the process in setting up your Amazon Author's page - Amazon is one of the leading sites to monetize your book. Learn how to take your book to the next level with this coaching session gaining possible bestselling status.

Assist with the Set-up manage FB Virtual Book Launch - Online Facebook events are an excellent way to launch a new book, both fiction and non-fiction. They offer an exciting opportunity for new readers to explore the settings and characters of your book, with intriguing hints to draw them into the story. Facilitate an online marketing

Develop an online book marketing campaign a strategic and well-thought-out publicity and marketing campaign will help spread the word about your finished book. When you’re publishing your own book, it’s critical to think about your book’s publicity and marketing.

*As with any form of marketing Rock Your Book Virtual Tours cannot guarantee sales results. Non-Refundable All Payments are Final Non-Refundable *We offer 2 installments upon request:

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