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Tell Your Story Rock Your Book Virtual Tours

Rock Your Book Virtual Tours - Tell Your Story Rock Your Book Slay Your Readers!!!

Learn what it takes to Tell Your Story #RockYourBook Slay Your Reader's and make your book go viral! As an author, it’s important to invest time and energy into building your platform: establishing relationships, and gain potential readers. Planning your book marketing campaign is as important as writing your book. Distribution is the first step in getting your book ready for book sales and marketing is what will drive your sales.

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Our marketing consultants specialize in marketing for authors. As a new author, or even a veteran writer, having a professional book marketing expert work with you to coordinate your marketing plan is a must. Book marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For a busy author, the best way I’ve found to help keep my clients on course is to keep it simple.

Rock Your Book Virtual Tours will literally “put you on the map” and connect you with a wide range of new audiences. Tell Your Story Rock Your Book Slay Your Reader's Virtual Tours-Marketing Branding is one of the best ways to get your book noticed by potentially thousands of new readers! RYB Virtual Tours Branding/Promotions/Marketing staff will walk you through the process of embarking on a virtual tour for your book and or ministry. Providing, simple but yet effective strategies for getting your product and your message in front of thousands.

Rock Your Book Virtual Tours

• RYB will pitch & schedule online radio shows during the tour (5-6 radio interviews)
• Schedule a blog tour for (3-4 feature blog stops)
• Set-up manage FB Launch Event Page
• Custom made tour banner
• Market/Promote Tours on social media outlets
• One on One Marketing coaching sessions during length of tour
• Radio Interview Prep Sessions
• Social Media Coaching
• Facilitate/Establish an online presence
• Facilitate an online marketing campaign
• Create a media/press kit
• Aide in instituting the foundation of your Brand

  • $475.00

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